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Full Motion Stream is a Maltese company specializing in Radio Services.

During her journey, she noticed the great demand of radio enthusiasts who wanted to make "radio" without having the necessary tools and economic requirements to make their dream come true.
From here comes the turnkey service. With a monthly installment, Full Motion Stream gives the user a working web radio that also protects copyrights.

How does it work
Full Motion Stream being a Maltese company covering copyright through the PRS, an English regulator that also covers the territory of Malta.
To ensure coverage of all European territory, Full Motion Stream is negotiating with other regulators from different countries, until then radio channels are only guaranteed in our territorial area.
Full Motion Stream, in order to guarantee the proper protection of its radio channels, signs it all in its name, including the internet domain.
Streaming channels are owned by Full Motion Stream ltd.
The domains granted are .com .club .org and all those that do not represent a specific territory unless ours
The names given are international and non-territorial.
The user remains the trademark property, which will always be his.
This means that radio channels are ours, but if one day our affiliate in our Network decides to have their own radio, it can do so simply by not renewing the contract and by that time fulfilling, on its own, the obligations regarding copyright in your country.
Full Motion Stream does not guarantee coverage as a Player Radio is inserted into a domain that is not part of the same company and the inserted music is not original, since then the coverage we offer is endangering the person at risk and danger initiative.

What we pretend
Whoever opens a radio channel is presumed to be a music lover and just because we want to guarantee the highest loyalty and transparency with who cares about copyrights and gives us this great opportunity, we demand that the music that the user broadcast is original. The "tags" must be clear with the title of the song and the author. We know that nowadays it is difficult to retrieve this data even on the songs you buy, it is not always the author but the title and artist are definitely mentioned, so we assume that these files are with the correct tags.
In the event of a violation, you will be immediately notified and in case of repeated violations you will be suspended from our service.

What we offer

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