Our Mission

How does our service

Full Motion Stream is a Maltese company specializing in radio services.

Along the way, she realized the great demand of passionate users of the radio world that they wanted to do "radio" but did not have the necessary tools and the economic requirements to fulfill their dream.
Hence the "turnkey". With a monthly installment, Full Motion Stream delivery to a working web radio that also protects copyrights.

How does it work
Full Motion Stream being a Maltese company holds the copyright through the PRS, English regulator, which also covers the territory of Malta.
To ensure coverage of the entire European territoriality, Full Motion Stream is in discussions with other regulators from different countries
Full Motion Stream in order to ensure proper protection of its radio channels, abut everything to his name including Internet domain.
The user remains the ownership of the mark, that will always be his.
This means that the radio stations are owned by us, but if one day the franchisee to our Network decided to have its own radio, can do so by simply not renewing the contract and since then fulfill, on their own, with the obligations regarding copyright of their country.

What claim
Those who open a radio channel is assumed to be a music lover and because we want to ensure maximum fairness and transparency with those who protect copyrights and gives us this great opportunity, claim that the music the user to send both the original. The "tag" must be clear with the song title and the author. We know that right now it is difficult to recover the data even on songs purchased, it is not always indicated the author, but certainly the title and artist are shown, so we assume that these files are in the correct tag.
In case of violations, the user will be notified immediately and in case of repeated violations will be suspended from our service.

What we offer

  • streaming
  • programs
  • coverage rights
  • Visibility



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